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Bachelor of Optometry UNSW

Graduate Certificate of Ocular Therapeutics UNSW

ACBO accredited Vision Therapy program

ACBO member

Interests: Cycling, walking, exercising in general, a good movie, wine and food and spending time with family.

What made you interested in behavioural optometry?

When I started in the industry 43 years ago, there were very limited resources available to patients who were struggling with visual muscular problems and learning difficulties. 

My involvement and knowledge on the subject has evolved through experience and accessing the research of other professionals work in varying allied fields.

I just thoroughly enjoy working with children and witnessing their successes.

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ACBO accredited Vision Therapy program

ACBO member

Interests: basketball, KFC, watching movies and hanging out with my family and friends.

What made you interested in becoming a vision therapist?

Fun fact, I actually used to be a VT patient back in 2019. It made me want to help others, the same way vision therapy helped me.

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Interests: soccer, walking, exercise, any and all cuisine of food, spending time with family, friends and my dogs


What made you want to become an optometric assistant?

I had been seeing dirk as my optometrist my whole life and I took a real interest into what he does, always asking him lots of questions whenever I had an appointment about his job, I was very intrigued how he helps people and I wanted to help people the same way he did

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ACBO accredited Vision Therapy program

ACBO member

Interests: Going to the gym, eating and spending time with my family, friends and pets; Hercules (dog) and Kitty (cat).

Favourite thing about being a vision therapist?

I love having fun with patients while they are learning cool, new ways to use their eyes/brain together! It's a great environment and I have made many special connections with patients and their families.

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