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Vision therapy is not used to strengthen eye muscles, but to improve the coordination and efficient functioning and processing of the visual system.


VT is a series of activities that allow the patient to develop important skills that will assist them with focussing, eye alignment or interpretation of visually derived information. Each program of vision therapy must be designed to suit the specific needs of the individual, both in terms of their visual profile and their goals. Diagnostic testing, training procedures and the use of lenses and prisms, as well as our very specialised and successful vivid vision system for amblyopic and strabismic patients may be integral components of the successful treatment of a vision problem.

Good vision, efficient tracking eye movements and accurate interpretation of what is read are all important if a patient is to read well. If any of these skills are not appropriately developed, they can hold a patient back from reading as well as they could. A Behavioural Optometrist will identify which skills are underdeveloped for a patients age and provided vision therapy to help develop them.

Most of how and what we see happens in our brains not our eyes. We know that we can train our brains to do things differently, brain plasticity, and so vision is part of what can be changed. A Behavioural Optometrist will help you do this through a vision therapy program.

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Vision therapy is a fun and safe way of strengthening the way our brain communicates with our eyes and how that can effect our learning ability. Through vision therapy remedying and enhancing an individual's visual abilities.

Vision therapy is used to:

  • Treat existing visual problems such as amblyopia (lazy eye), eye alignment problems, eye coordination problems, poorly sustained near focus, inadequate eye-hand coordination and immature perceptual development

  • Enhance the efficiency and comfort of visual function

  • Help prevent some visual problems

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